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Al-Hameed travel is a local tour operator that provides safe, efficient and reliable services and accommodations for a journey through Georgia you will never forget. We want to fill people’s lives with memories of their journeys. We will do all the planning for you and your family. Relax and enjoy! Learn More

Georgia is an amazing and unique country situated on the crossroad of Europe and Asia. It is the safest country in Europe.

All you need to try: • Adventure The Caucasus mountains, Black Sea, mountain lakes, ancient caves, natural canyons, mountains of eternal snow, canyon rivers full of flowers, • Treatment and relax Resorts, Sulfur water pools, mineral waters, alpine meadows, palm costs, alpine meadows. • Cuisine Khinkali, Khachapuri, Chaqapuli, Ostri, Kharcho, churchkhela etc.

Georgia – Sakartvelo a country with unique and ancient cultural heritage, famed for its traditions of hospitality and cuisine.

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